community transformation

Community Transformation

Henri CoandaOur ministry focuses on a social housing project called "Henri Coanda." It was built by the mayor of Constanta in 2012 for the poor and needy in the city. By now several thousand families live there, predominantly from a Turkish gypsy background.

The people in Henri Coanda are looked down upon by the rest of the city. The problems we are confronted with daily in this neighborhood are issues of low self esteem, poverty, poor life choices, no value for education, abuse, crime and many more.

But we believe that Jesus is bigger than all of this!

Our desire is to see lives transformed in Henri Coanda by the power, love and hope of Jesus Christ. We want these families to know that God pursues them, that they are precious to Him and that He longs to give them life in abundance.

By consistently loving the people in Henri Coanda, accepting them and investing in relationship with them, we desire that they will experience the love of God and open their hearts to Him.

Throughout the week we run children’s programs, lead a girls group, play football, visit families and offer discipleship to those families that are open. Our carpentry project focuses on discipling young men, as well as teaching carpentry skills and providing them with an income. We come together weekly to pray for the breakthrough in the lives of these beautiful people.

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